KMSPico is a well-known activator that is used to activate Windows and Microsoft products. It is a malware-free activator with all free of threats and viruses. KMSPico is trusted by millions of people over the globe. Download KMSPico Free 2023 from the given link.

We used KMSPico to activate Windows and Office suites. The amazing activator never interrupts our professional work. It works without an internet connection. If you are not getting premium features of Windows and Offices, KMSPico is very useful to activate your Office and Windows without any external helping tool.

TeamDaz develops adorable. Thanks to TeamDaz. They always developed their tools with all perfections. Although there are many other tools developed by TeamDaz like KMSAuto, which also works automatically. KMSPico is used to validate the version of Microsoft Windows and Offices.

However, this KMS technology is virtually introduced by Microsoft for mutual gain. It is also the software with all the latest technologies which doesn’t violate the rules and regulation of Microsoft. It’s just a local server that lets every machine uses KMS Technology.

Download KMSPico Free 2023 from the official link:

As we know, the new version of MS Office is always required activation to enjoy all features. It comes with a limited trial version. When-ever the trial ends. You need to activate it.

At that time, activator becomes a great privilege to your Microsoft Office. It does not only helpful for Microsoft Office suites but also for Microsoft Windows with complete access.

How KMSPico Works?

First of all, you are required to understand the concept of KMSPico before it’s working.

Let’s take an example of the Microsoft company. Microsoft works with all small and large companies. Mostly, people get in trouble for activating Windows and Office suites.

To solve this authentic problem, Microsoft assigns the Key Management Server (KMS). Using this method, you don’t need to purchase, again and again, Windows/Office product keys to activate products. Instead, the KMS server automatically activates your Microsoft products.

In term solution, Microsoft attained an activation of the volume of licensed products. Now, every type of company uses the KMS server instead of purchasing a separate copy of products.

Without any doubt, KMSPico works on the same principle of first time purchased product key. It quickly connects you to the KMS server and shows your Office/Windows as part of the KMS server for a lifetime.

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What KMS Pico Does?

Whenever you purchase a copy of Microsoft Office or Microsoft Windows, you get a limited trial basis product key. Trail version is always limited for 30 days approx. When the trial expires, you’ll have to activate your product again.

As a trial expires, Microsoft Office shows a prompt for activation. Microsoft Windows shows the Watermark of activation. In that case, you need to have a perfect, friendly, trusted and error-free activator.

KMSPico is one of the best examples of your desired activator. Download KMSPico Free 2020 helps you to activate the Microsoft products for a lifetime.

There are multiple activators in the market consisting of trojans, rootkits, malware, and damaged features. Those are harmful to your machine. So, I chose KMSPico for best and proper activation.


KMSPico is fully supported to given Microsoft products;

  • MS Office 2016
  • MS Office 365
  • MS Office 2013
  • MS Office 2010
  • MS Office 2007
  • MS Office 2019
  • MS Office 2020
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows Vista

Key Features

Lifetime Activation:

The tool is easy and free to use for a lifetime. You can use it for activating your Microsoft product for a lifetime.

N-Bit Operating System:

KMSPico is not only supported to 64-bit or 32-bit operating system. But, works with both x32 and x62 as well.

No training needed:

There is no need for practice to use KMSPico. It requires no high-level knowledge to run. The simple and easy user interface is awesome.

No fraud or error-detection problems:

The concerned developers of KMSPico develop this fantastic activator without any antivirus and threat. You can use it on your machine without any fear of error, fraud, and error-detection.

Free of Cost:

The tool is free of cost with the unbelievable ability of lifetime activation. You can use the device at any time, anywhere and at any machine.

Activate the Windows and Office Products:

It helps you to activate Office suites and Windows all versions. With the help of this fantastic KMSPico activator, you can activate your product for a lifetime. It also automatically activates the Windows after it’s updating.

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